17 Invader Centers Burned in Sweden

Swedish patriots have burned down no less than seventeen invader centers since the middle of September alone, a significant escalation in the ongoing war for Europe’s survival.


According to an article in Sweden’s far left Aftonbladet newspaper, the following attacks have been carried out since September 15:

November 10: A storage and office building in Forshaga, Värmland, was set on fire. The town has some 6,200 inhabitants. The local municipality had started investigating if the building could be used as an invader center.

November 7: A planned invader center was burned to the ground in Floda, near Lerum, south-west Sweden, a town with some 8,000 inhabitants.

October 29: Unknown assailant/assailants poured flammable liquid through a window at a care home which doubles as a home for ‘unaccompanied minors’ in Tjörnarp, a village with some 750 inhabitants, near Höör in southern Sweden. The liquid was set alight but staff managed to put it out.


October 28: Three people were taken to the hospital after arson at a Swedish Migration Board invader center in Malmö.

October 28: Fire at planned invader center in the affluent Stockholm suburb of Danderyd.

October 27: Fire caused by a burning item being thrown into planned invader housing at a former school in the small village of Färingtofta in Skane, southern Sweden.


October 26: Fire at housing for ‘unaccompanied minors’ in Lund (see incident on October 13). Staff put it out. Police believe it was arson.

October 26: A number of small fires at planned invader housing in a former school in Oskarshamn (population around 17,300). Witnesses say they saw two people throwing stones, pouring liquid, and setting it alight.

October 24: Second fire at invader housing in Munkedal (population: 3,700), southwest Sweden—same as on October 20.

October 23: A building used for children’s summer camps near Eskilstuna, a city west of Stockholm in south-central Sweden was burned to the ground. The local municipality had started investigating whether the building could be used to house invaders.

October 22: A planned invader residence in Perstorp (population: 5,700) in Skane, southern Sweden, set alight. Police are carrying out an arson investigation

October 20: Fire at an invader residence in Munkedal, southwest Sweden. Fourteen people were evacuated.


October 18: Former school in Onsala, a locality with a population of 12,000 in Kungsbacka, Halland, which was set to be turned into invader housing was burned to the ground.

October 17: Former school in Kånna (population: 352) near Ljungby in Småland, southern Sweden, ready for invaders to move in, was burned to the ground.

October 13: Fire in barracks in Arlöv, Skåne, the day before ‘unaccompanied minors’ were due to move in.

September 29: Fire in a storage facility at a camping site near Stenungsund, western Sweden, which has partly been used to house invaders.

September 15: A flat in a housing facility for ‘unaccompanied minors’ in Boden, north Sweden, was set alight.

The dramatic increase in attacks has placed even greater pressure upon the treasonous Swedish government, as there is already a shortage of accommodation for the never-ending stream of nonwhite invaders.

The Swedish government has already announced that all invaders entering Sweden from now on will have to be accommodated in tents, even though the northern winter has already started.



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