335 Attacks in 238 Days on Nonwhite Invader Centers in Germany, Reports Police

German patriots have carried out 335 attacks upon nonwhite invader centers in Germany in the 238 days from January 1 to August 27, the Bundeskriminalamt (Federal Criminal Police, or BKA) has reported. This averages out to 1.4 such attacks—mostly arson—per day.


In a special report prepared by the BKA, a copy of which was given to the leftist German newspaper Welt am Sonntag, it was reported that the number of attacks has doubled compared to the previous year period.

There has been a steep increase in attacks recently, with 131 incidents taking place in July and August this year alone. The figures do not include the increasing number of incidents which took place in September and October.

According to BKA President Holger Münch, if the last few months’ incidents are added in, the total number of “attacks on asylum accommodation” now stands at 500—and continues to increase,” he said.

Speaking during a German radio interview, Münch said he was concerned that perpetrators are increasingly inconspicuous, and could not easily be linked to any previous “right wing” activity which would help to identify them.

He warned that the attacks could serve as a boost to increase radicalization from Germany’s far leftist groups. Münch also said that there are now at least 70 “indications of possible connections to extremist Islamic State militia” among the influx of nonwhite invaders.


* In one of the more recent incidents in Dresden, a group of around twenty Germans threw pyrotechnics at the invader tent city in the south of the city. A police vehicle which arrived on the scene to protect the invaders had its pane smashed out, forcing the officers to flee the scene.

In Altena, North Rhine Westphalia, two Germans have been arrested for an April 2015 arson at the nonwhite invader center in that town. One of the men is a 25-year-old firefighter in the town, the dpa news service reported. The same report added that police have also arrested locals in the Saxony town of Tröglitz for a similar attack there.

In his reaction, German Interior Minister Thomas de Maiziere called the attacks “shameful” and said that two-thirds of the attacks were carried out by locals who had no previous criminal record.




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