Australia: Muslims threaten police, follow officers home and use drones to spy on them

Showing them who is in charge, both in Australia and in Europe — and increasingly in North America as well. This absurd situation is courtesy our political elites.

Australia police

“Thugs threaten police in Sydney’s west, following officers home and using drones to spy on them,” by Lia Harris, The Sunday Telegraph, January 16, 2016 (thanks to The Religion of Peace):

IT is the suburban police zone under siege.

Officers in Sydney’s western suburbs are being ­repeatedly threatened, followed home from work and even watched by drones as they fight the rising threat of extremism in the area.

Police sources said there had been up to 30 threats made against the Merrylands squad and individual officers based in the western suburbs over the past year.

It included one threat to “shoot up” the ­Merrylands station in December.

Both male and female officers have also reported being followed home from the Memorial Ave station by people believed to be connected to local crime suspects.

Sources said unidentified drones were also seen hovering over the station on at least two occasions last year, sparking investigations which failed to find the controllers.

The Merrylands officers are ­believed to be targets because of their work in policing Middle Eastern ­organised crime in the area, including monitoring local terror suspects.

Some Sydney homes were raided last year after threats were posted on Facebook about gun attacks on the Merrylands police station.

The threats were traced back to a house less than one kilometre from the station, but no changes were laid.

A NSW police spokeswoman confirmed there had been 20 to 30 threats to stations in the western suburbs and that police had been followed home but the incidents were not necessarily terror related.

She said any threat was “a major concern” and all stations were operating on heightened alert….



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