Breaking News: 3 dead in Swedish school attack

Pupils at the school took pictures of the man before he started the attack.

3 dead and 2 wounded in sword attack at a swedish school in Trollhättan today. The 21 year old attacker was masked and dressed in black. He was shot in the chest by the police and is now dead. One teacher and one young boy 15 years old is also dead. Another teacher and young boy is critical wounded and in hospital. Trollhatten is a poor part of Sweden with many immigrants.

The attacker played music that sounded like Helloween, a rock group.


The ambulance drove straight into the school wall
The situation was chaotic at the site soon after the incident, according to several witnesses. TTELA’s photographer Stefan Bennhage arrived at the scene half an hour after the alarm, reports news agency TT.

– It was complete chaos. Hundreds of people were along the main street that runs through the state portion Kronogården. People cried and tried to run in behind the cordon, so police and guards were busy, he said.

There were a large number of ambulances and police cars on site.

– An ambulance did not have time to stop and drove right into the school wall.
Stefan Bennhage saw a student loaded into the ambulance. While he was there skiing two ambulances from the scene at full speed.

– When I went from the place came it still ambulances there, he says.


Kronan school has long struggled with problems, according to a local politician.

– It has long been a political hooded question. Among other things, there has been a strong requirement that a cafe on the school which has been open to the public, should be closed, because there has been an unsafe situation for students, says Peter Eriksson, according to NTB.

He represents Moderate Party leader and opposition in Trollhattan.

Kronan school administration has previously noted several problems with safety at school which opened in 2009, writes local newspaper TTELA.







Suburbia in Trollhattan is characterized by many unemployed people, high turnover of neighbors and a large proportion of immigrants.

Kronan school is located right in Kronogården urbanization in Trollhattan municipality. Here is also a library and meeting place, but it was in the school – the entrance – attack occurred Thursday morning.

A quick look in the news archive shows that it is not the first time it goes lives lost in Kronogården.

– It is one of Sweden’s poorest neighborhoods, and one of the areas with the greatest mixture of people, says Karl Gustav Els, who is head of department in the municipal social services.

There are about 5,000 people in Kronogården.

The school is about 400 students in grades 1-9, many during the attack tried to hide in different areas of the school.

The perpetrator of the attack - man in his 20s from Trollhattan
The perpetrator of the attack – man in his 20s from Trollhattan

Investigating political motives

Crime scene Sweden can tell that the accused man himself comes from Trollhättan. The man lives in a separate apartment in the city. He is a past criminal record and are in their 20s. He shall also passed the high school in Trollhättan.

Police have not yet indicated if they see any motive behind the attack.

But according to sources, the police investigating a political motive behind the attack. Crime scene Sweden can tell that the man both have backed the demands for an end to immigration to Sweden. Partly liked right-wing writers on the internet.



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