Czechs Rally against Invasion of Europe

Thousands of Czech patriots—including that country’s President Miloš Zeman—rallied against the nonwhite invasion of Europe in central Prague yesterday on the occasion of the Czech Republic’s National Day under the “Bloc against Islam” banner.



After observing a minute’s silence for the victims of the Paris terror attack, Zeman told a large crowd gathered in Prague’s university neighborhood of Albertov, that he rejected the branding of anyone who opposed the nonwhite invasion as “Islamophobes, racist or fascist.”

He said that “everyone in a free society has the right to express their opinions. People with opposite opinions must not be reduced to silence. Labels or abusive language are no argument.”

He said people took to the streets in November 1989 to protest against manipulation and the enforcing of a “sole correct opinion” on them (by the communist regime). “This nation deserves to be able to rule itself and no one from outside should dictate to it what they should do or what they should not,” Zeman said, to which the crowd responded enthusiastically, chanting “Long live Zeman.”

The Bloc against Islam are well-known for their unfailing opposition to the current invasion, and Zeman has led the Czech establishment in its opposition to demands that that country absorb the invading hordes.

Other speakers at the rally included Martin Konvička, chairman of the Bloc against Islam, and Miroslav Lidinsky, chairman of the National Dawn Coalition party.

Lidinsky criticized German Chancellor Angela Merkel and other European politicians for bringing “Europe to the brink of destruction.”

A handful of Zeman’s opponents were also in attendance, with some sporting Star of David t-shirts.


Above: Opponents of Zeman protest at the rally. 


Zeman’s appearance at the anti-invasion rally provoked a scathing response from the Jewish media head of the “Human Rights Watch” organization, Andrew Stroehlein, who in a Tweet said that the Czech president was “no longer simply embarrassing.” Of course, Stroehlein never comments on or criticizes Israel’s immigration policies, which are racially-based and specifically exclude Christians and Muslims by law.





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