Danish intelligence:: Merkel is endangering Danish security

Angela Merkel

Border control and immigration is on the G20 agenda this weekend. German Chancellor Angela Merkel, probably the worst leader in Europe since Hitler when it comes to European security, is endangering the whole region with her liberal immigration policy. Surely Trump, and especially Eastern European leaders, are worried.


Intelligence services in Europe and the US have long warned that Islamic jihadis are among refugees coming to the West. Danish Security and Intelligence Service (PET) is now criticizing Merkel’s and Sweden’s refugee policies, with direct warnings that they destabilize security in the region.

This might lead to the end of the Nordic Passport Union, which has since 1954 allowed Scandinavian citizens to travel freely among their countries without travel documents.

“Danish Security and Intelligence Service is aware that the [terror] threat against Denmark can come from abroad, especially neighbouring countries (Germany and Sweden). When assessing the terror threat, we therefore also follow developments in our neighboring countries. Our assessment is that refugees and migrants arriving in Europe and Denmark have contacts to Islamist groups or can be radicalized after arriving here,” PET said in a written statement to Danmarks Radio.