Denmark sets the standard in refugee policy

Unlike its Scandinavian cousins, when it comes to welfare, Denmark has decided to treat its “migrants” the same way it treats real Danes. So, naturally, the Danish government is being compared to Nazis:
 The Danish government on Friday defended plans for police to search asylum-seekers’ luggage for valuables and cash after they prompted international outrage and drew comparisons to Nazi Germany.

“I can see that some foreign media are pouring scorn over (the fact) that we in the future may withdraw asylum-seekers’ valuables and demand that they should pay for their stay in asylum centres themselves,” Integration Minister Inger Stojberg wrote on Facebook. “There is no reason to criticize, since it is already the case that if you as a Dane have valuables for more than 10,000 kroner ($1,450, 1,340 euros) it may be required that this is sold before you can receive unemployment benefits,” she added.

Stojberg, an immigration hardliner of the ruling right-wing Venstre party, added that “in Denmark you have to try for yourself if you can.”

What kind of fascist thuggery is this?

Items of personal significance, such as wedding rings, as well as mobile phones will be exempt while cash amounts over 3,000 kroner will be confiscated, according to the government’s proposal.

It’s about time someone raised, even obliquely, the fact that most of these “refugees” are healthy, able-bodied single men of means enough to have new clothes and cell phones. But that won’t



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