Does Sweden have 800,000 racists?

Now the Sweden’s outgoing Prime Minister Stefan Löfven have to discuss the tremendous growth in asylum seekers – whether he likes it or not. (Photo: NTB scanpix).

A political system that stamps close 800,000 voters as lepers, is in deep crisis.

Sweden has Europe’s most liberal immigration policies, but the established parties do not want to take the discussion.

The problem is that the voters will.

At the last election, the Sweden Democrats got 12.9 percent of the vote after an election where the party was labeled as rasisist and immoral by the other parties.

Voters braved a fierce media campaign, and got answers on indictment of large newspaper Expressen.

The following day the newspaper went black, entitled: “Yesterday 781,120 Swedes voted (party symbol to Sweden Democrats).”

Newspaper Front is a symbol of the distance between the Swedish elite and a large group of the Swedish people.

The choice made the Sweden Democrats the country’s third largest party, but the party was immediately isolated in the Government.

The divisive issue is immigration.

And the latest statistics from Eurostat shows that Sweden is the country that has definitely the biggest influx of asylum seekers in relation to its size of the whole of Europe.

Last year, Sweden received 67,330 asylum seekers. It is more than twice as many as the UK and only Germany have more throughout Europe.

Sweden has thus nine times more asylum seekers per capita than the average elsewhere in Europe.

Whether one believes that it is good or not, the following is a sober observation:

Sweden is undoubtedly the exception in Europe.
Desire to limit immigration is in line with large groups of voters in Europe.
It is no more than a week ago British Prime Minister David Cameron suggested that Britain could withdraw from the EU if one not restrict immigration.

– We want an immigration that is controlled, equitable and centered around our own interests, said Cameron.

Sweden has a democratic crisis because the democratic system is unable to solve the main task – namely, to resolve conflicts and disagreements politically.

Sweden has obviously not nearly 800,000 racists, but a large group of the population that is negative to large immigration.

It’s perfectly normal. In Europe, it is quite common that 15-20 percent of voters vote for parties that are critical of immigration.

When Sweden now go to new elections in March, the challenge for Swedish parties and politicians is that they come out of the trenches and take Sweden Democrat voters seriously.

It must be legitimate to want less immigration in the most liberal immigration country in Europe.

Formally, Sweden will soon get a transitional government.

Prime Minister Stefan Löfven will keep the wheels turning, but not implement major reforms.

The formal decision on early elections will happen on December 29, and the elections in March.

It gives politicians three months to come up out of the trenches, and find a way of working where the Sweden Democrats will be treated as a legitimate party.

Democracy means government by the people, and an elite that is perceived as above the people will sooner or later have major problems.

That does not mean that the minority that votes Sweden Democrats have control.

But it must be puzzling for the other parties that the Sweden Democrats have gone forward in the polls after the election record, and it can not be excluded that they make another good choice in March.

Either way it is a reasonable requirement that the opinions of 781,000 voters are taken seriously and treated within common political ground rules.

SOURCE Stavrum



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