EU could collapse in weeks

On the march to western Europe: Shocking pictures show thousands of determined men, women and children trudging across the Balkans as politicians warn EU could collapse in weeks


  • Battling howling winds, driving rain and icy temperatures, thousands of migrants today marched into Slovenia
  • Photographed from above, the refugees formed a single column as they crossed into the country from Croatia
  • It comes as Slovenia’s Prime Minister warns the EU will break up if leaders cannot agree on how to deal with crisis

EU could collapse in weeks

Thousands of men, women and children on foot, despite the rain, wind and freezing temperatures at night, cross the southern European countries to the north. Looking at this, politicians have warned that the EU could collapse within a few weeks. Terrible forecast was voiced by the prime minister of Slovenia Miro Cerar. According to him, this is what will happen if EU leaders finally agreed on the general terms of solving the migration crisis, writes the Daily Mail. Europeans are shocked shot made not only from the ground, but with quadrocopters.

EU could collapse in weeks

EU could collapse in weeks

EU could collapse in weeks

EU could collapse in weeks

EU could collapse in weeks

In an interview published earlier today in German newspaper Bild, Juncker urged countries to stop handing on migrants to neighbouring states in chaotic conditions.

‘The European Commission expects everyone to obey the rules of the game if we don’t want to put Schengen at risk,’ Juncker said.

He insisted that ‘every day counts’, adding: ‘Otherwise, we will soon see families in cold rivers in the Balkans perish miserably.’

Bulgarian Prime Minister Boiko Borisov warned that if Germany and Austria closed their borders with his country, Romania and Serbia would respond in kind.

‘The three countries, we are standing ready, if Germany and Austria close their borders, not to allow our countries to become buffer zones,’ Mr Borisov said.

‘We will not expose our countries to the devastating pressure of millions that would come.’ The comments expose the huge divisions between EU states over how to deal with the influx of hundreds of thousands of migrants. Romanian Prime Minister Victor Ponta said his country had the ‘right to defend’ itself against countries which build fences.

We carry out our obligations, we are in solidarity with all of Europe,’ he said. ‘But the responsibility cannot be put with just some countries.’

Serbia, which is not in the EU, also said it was struggling to cope. Prime Minister Aleksandar Vucic said: ‘It is important for the people to know that it is not a problem to register (migrants), or build bigger centres, nothing of this is a problem for Serbia.

‘But if someone thinks that we can be the place for two or three million refugees, this is unrealistic.’

With winter looming, Amnesty International on Saturday warned of a humanitarian disaster if migrants are stranded at borders.

Turkey, the starting point for most of the migrants, was absent from the meeting but was on leaders’ minds, with officials viewing its help as crucial in stemming the influx to Europe.

‘It is very, very important that the European Commission continues to speak with Turkey on the migrant crisis agenda,’ said Germany Chancellor Angela Merkel, who came back from a trip to Turkey this month vowing to push forward the country’s long-stalled EU membership bid.

Turkey is pressing the EU for funds, visa-free travel, accelerated membership talks and resumed participation in EU summits in return for cooperation in stemming the refugee flow.

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