Fake “Syrian” Passports and Terrorism

The full extent of the fake “Syrian refugee” passport scam has emerged after the arrest in Serbia of an “asylum seeker” carrying an identical passport to the one found on the body of a terrorist at Paris’s Stade de France stadium.


The New Observer has been reporting extensively on the widespread nature of the fake “Syrian” passport swindle since September, including incidents where “boxes” of blank passports have been intercepted on their way to Germany.

In fact, so many fake “Syrian” passports are now in circulation that the German government has ordered checksto be carried out “even when there is no obvious sign of forgery.”

The passport found on the body of a dead terrorist in Paris was in the name of Ahmad Almohammad, and police have confirmed that fingerprints taken from the body stadium match the prints of the “refugee” who was registered in Greece using that name and this passport.

Now, however, the Serbian government has announced that they have arrested a “refugee” carrying another fake Syrian passport—identical to the one found in Paris except for the photograph.

According to Serbian media, the holder of the second passport was arrested at a refugee camp in Presevo on Saturday. His “passport” had the same date of birth and place of birth as the one found in Paris. Serbian police sources said that they believed both passports were manufactured and purchased in Turkey.

It is clear that both were made by the same forger and sold to the tidal wave of invaders—from all parts of the Third World—pouring into Europe to take advantage of the Angela Merkel-driven “open borders” policy.

Meanwhile, it has been established that the holder of the “first” Ahmad Almohammad passport invaded Europe on October 7, arriving on the Greek island of Leros.

There, he was given official travel papers by the Greek authorities which allowed him to book tickets to leave the island. After landing in mainland Greece, “Almohammad” moved on to Macedonia and from there to Serbia, where he registered in Preševo—the same camp where the “new second” passport has now been detected. The “first” refugee then officially claimed asylum in Preševo.

On October 8, he moved on and registered in Opatovac in Croatia, where he stayed for six hours before crossing into Austria through the open door “refugee processing center” at Spielfeld.

Once across the Austrian border, he then “vanished”—like thousands of other “refugees,” only to reappear in France as a fully armed suicide terrorist.

It has now also been widely reported that France wants to “temporarily suspend” the Schengen agreement and reintroduce border controls in the wake of the Paris attacks—because the terrorists apparently managed to travel freely between their base in the nonwhite-overrun suburb of Molenbeek, Brussels, and Paris.

According to a report in Britain’s Telegraph newspaper, France “is to call for an effective suspension of the Schengen Agreement on open borders across Europe this week, as it demands other European nations begin border identity checks inside Europe’s free movement zone.”

This supposed “strong reaction” does not however, even begin to address the real cause of the terrorism now gripping Europe.

The real cause is not the lack of internal border controls in Europe, but rather the fact that successive western European governments have over a period of decades deliberately followed a policy of encouraging mass Third World immigration into Europe.

This has led to the creation of large nonwhite ghettoes in Europe—such as Molenbeek—where Jihadis find a fertile recruiting ground from the “disaffected youth”—i.e. those nonwhites inherently unable to succeed in a sophisticated western economy and social system.


Bilal Hadfi, 20, who detonated a suicide vest outside the Stadte de France stadium in Paris. According to the EU, he was a “Frenchman”—but he was actually a Moroccan with French nationality living in Belgium. The race-blindness of EU leaders is the primary cause of terrorism in Europe.

This promotion of mass Third World immigration, combined with pro-Israeli foreign policies (which serve to incite the Muslims even further), is the real reason why there is terrorism in Europe today.

Any government policy which does not address these fundamental issues, will fail in its attempts to halt terrorism and the overrunning of Europe.



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