Farewell to multiculturalism

by Jahn Otto Johansen

Jahn Otto Johansen is a Norwegian journalist, author and media personality
Jahn Otto Johansen is a Norwegian journalist, author and media personality

Responsibility and charity are not the same as closing the eyes to the enormous challenge that uncontrolled immigration inflicts Europe.

The large selection progress of the anti-immigration and partly neo-Nazi Sweden Democrats has spawned all sorts of comments in the Norwegian and international press.

Some of them have been relevant, others very speculative. But the important, that not everyone has been joined, is that the center-right parties in Europe have long since taken leave of multiculturalism. An exception is possibly the Swedish Moderate Party.

In Germany, Austria, Belgium, France, the Netherlands, Denmark and the UK have the parties if located in the center and slightly to the right, all distanced themselves from multiculturalism.

They have a greater or lesser degree warned against the consequences of immigration from the Third World, primarily from Muslim countries. Almost no one believes anymore that these immigrants can and will integrate with the indigenous population and “become like us.”

There is a widespread perception that they sewed pillows under the heads of these immigrants and not set clear enough to claim that they should learn the new country’s language and customs and get to work so they will not be charged social security budgets.

When the German social democrat and former board member of the Deutsche Bundesbank, Thilo Sarrazin, in 2010 wrote the book “Deutschland schaft sich ab” – (“Germany abolishes itself”) – he claimed that the Turkish immigrants had lower intelligence than the Germans. It was pure racism and was rejected by not only the Social Democrats, but also by Angela Merkel.

But Merkel took the message – namely that multiculturalism had played falitt. Angela Markel said in a speech in Potsdam that multiculturalism had turned completely wrong. She demanded then and later that immigrants have to contribute more. They should learn German and not dwell in the ghettos where it just went on Turkish imams and predictive in their own language a hat message against the Christians. She wanted them to take the proper education and get a job, do not live on welfare.

In Belgium Prime Minister Yves Leterme in a radio interview that he completely agreed with Merkel. He bade farewell to multiculturalism and stated that “integration policy had not yielded the results they had expected.” A similar tendency was observed in the Netherlands where Christian-Democrat Maxine Verhagen stated that multiculturalism had turned completely wrong. The Dutch no longer felt at home in their own country. I have personally seen the changes in Amsterdam when I was working on a book about this cosmopolitan city where almost everything was allowed. Now it’s become much more stringent. In France, President Nicolas Sarkozy played on the same strings when he said that “we will not have a country where the different communities live isolated side by side. Are you coming to France, you must merge with the original population. If you just can not go your way. “Social Democrat Francois Hollande mean almost the same. Under him, it has been forbidden to wear a veil that covers the entire face. My French friends laughing Norwegian leftist who criticizes this: “You will soon discover what multiculturalism leads to.”

This tendency was observed in the UK already when Enoch Powell as health minister would have nurses from the Caribbean, but then declared in his infamous “River of Blood” speech in 1968 that immigrants was the reason why the English idyll collapsed. Now discussed the challenge of the large and often isolated alien groups in almost all British parties. Prime Minister Cameron is a dogged opponent of multiculturalism, but there are also many in Labour.

Does this mean that Europe becomes more and more racist? Both yes and no. Politicians and, not least, journalists must realize that the immigration policy we have brought, has been to the detriment of all, for immigrants as well as for society at large. Most economists recognize today that no welfare state in the long run will clear the burden that unemployed immigrants with many children and sick relatives inflict it.

In Oslo we met a happy and pleasant Somali who we have always greeted. “How is it,” asked my wife. “May is going very well,” he replied with a big smile, “jai puts children at the old woman every year, and we get all the benefits. It is my employer. ”

This kind somalier could never imagine to join extremists simply not kill some Norwegian.

Go a random day in the emergency room you can almost be sure that it is jam-full of immigrants. There is racism not to give these people the necessary medical attention, but at the same time we must realize that many Norwegian may feel backed into a corner.

When someone gets sick in eg. a Somali or Pakistani family, dolls happy the whole family up. It reflects the very strong family ties, not primitive backwardness. We Norwegian Norwegians could have something to learn from them, also a respect for elders, which almost does not exist in Norway anymore.

And it must be stressed that most Pakistanis working and paying taxes as other Norwegian citizens. And the girls take high education and refusing to be forced marriage, which can lead to so-called “honor” killings. Why is not Norwegian feminists and leftist more loyal to these gorgeous girls?

The British researcher Liz Fekete, who is director of the Institute for Race Relations, has made a study in many European countries and has concluded that it will soon burst. That’s right-centrist parties after her survey though, and the same assessment is now spreading among social democrats in Germany with among the greenery. Fekete is no racist, but points out the facts.

These facts have many Norwegian leftist refused to recognize. But if you look at reality, one discovers that many leftist has high education and high income and simply will not stay in neighborhoods where the majority are immigrants. They place their children in other schools.

They are “lounge radicals”; their radicality costs them nothing. What we need is a healthy realism and humanity which we help those who really need it.

The alternative to a naive multiculturalism is not UIDs formalism and often heartlessness, that when young children who have been completely Norwegian, thrown out of the country. But responsibility and charity are not the same as closing the eyes to the enormous challenge that uncontrolled immigration inflicts Europe.



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