France Bombs ISIS Training Camp In Syria For The First Time

For the first time France has dropped bombs on ISIS in Syria, with 6 jets targeting and destroying an ISIS training camp.



“Our nation will strike each time our national security is at stake,” the French presidential statement said.

President Hollande’s office said that “France has hit Syria” based on information from French reconnaissance flights sent earlier this month. It did not provide further details.

The announcement of these strikes comes with the news that French intelligence has proof that more attacks have been planned by ISIS forces in Syria, against France.

The goal of the strikes is to “slow, break, stop if possible the penetration of Daesh,” Gen. Vincent Desportes said on the iTele TV station. He went on to say that the training camp was a direct threat to French security and was destroyed without causing any civilian casualties.

France is claiming that while it is part of the US-led coalition, it is picking and striking its targets independently. France has already carried out around 215 airstrikes in Iraq against ISIS as part of the US-led coalition which commenced last year.

Most mainstream media outlets are not covering how France’s recent military involvement in Syria is aligned with their goals of removing Assad from power. Just yesterday France’s foreign minister said that, “Syrian President Bashar al-Assad cannot play any role in a future political transition because it would not be credible to the Syrian people after so many deaths at the hands of his government.”

In a nation of countless military factions and constant fighting, it’s safe to assume that “the war against ISIS” is once again being used as an excuse to put bombers over Assad’s forces, and it’s my opinion that many of the strikes we don’t hear about are strategically weakening the Assad regime.

Footage of the strikes in Syria have not been released, but this video filmed last year shows some of France’s strikes against ISIS in Iraq.




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