France: Number of pensioners live with 400 € / month, migrants have, lodging, and 513 € / month


A nation preferring foreign to his own, that’s what happened in France in 2015. A country where indigenous to do or suffer humiliation or bullying must be assimilated to the other. Its identity and French education are banned because hated by newcomers horde of rampaging countered from where obscurantism is erected in state culture.

Our governments accomplices to leave, they accentuate this feeling worse. And rather than be silent, our government has the audacity to blame the French native. The latter is thus guilty of racism, anti-Semitism, Islamophobia, sexism and all the ills that our modern society defines as a priority struggle. He must pay for all the crimes he has committed yet even.

It is written in the ideological foreign preferably marble our globalized elites, despite their denials. So for our leaders these impressions are only seen of the mind they do not exist. These are fantasies of the extreme right playing with the French fears. Worse to discredit the speech of many eminent intellectuals such Benoist or Camus, we define all these people the new buzzword “complotiste”. So 68% of French respondents to poll Ifop for Atlantico which here is the link are visibly frightful complotistes or xenophobic morons wicked by populist speeches like those of the Left Me Daylights including the suffering of poor immigrants leaving parents to have a better life.

Only harm can we give to all those French who see the state implement a blatant policy of “foreign preference”? Of course not. Everything demonstrates. Starting with the successive policies of the city with blows of tens of billion €, or affirmative action do you want here in in in all jurisdictions or schools. Not to mention, the official statements of ministers announcing jobs or training centers in priority to French paper suburbs. And examples like these they exist many other whether in the area of ​​family allowances, annuities work or money flowing afloat for antiracist associations. I can not quote all without having to write several books of a few volumes.

The President of the Republic himself bows facing the obligation to subsidize overseas arrived yesterday on our soil, as his Syrian 3500 regularized. Soon remunerated by the temporary waiting allowance (Ata) from € 513 per month for a single person and without conditions or receiving free premium access to housing, health insurance, RSA, assimilated family benefits and pensions for older folks. I leave the link to our socialist friends wanting to doubt my word 

Compared Adrien French retiree of 79 years, having worked all his life and affecting only 400 € / month. How do you call this if not foreign preference?

So yes I agree with the 68% of French, I am even surprised that they are not more numerous. It is not ready to arrange our local communities, leading Paris built underground shelters and left to die alone its local homeless. A country that does not help his own, is a country slowly dying, that is unfortunately what awaits us in the future if we let him. But do we really want to change this situation? Sometimes I doubt it.

Mike Borowski





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