FrP deputy will close Norways border with Sweden

Per Sandberg (FrP) want to close Norways border

There is no question that the EU should be able to decide how many asylum seekers Norway accepts, says Per Sandberg, 2nd in command of the political party FrP in Norway.

Refugees can cost Norway 750 bn. Respectively. Now proposes Deputy Per Sandberg in FrP to close the border with Sweden. He also believes it is out of the question to join the EU’s asylum policy.

We must accept only temporary stay for those who come to Norway, and close the borders, both the external border of the Schengen but also the inner border with Sweden, says the Progress Party deputy leader.

According to Head Day Bærvahr the asylum department in the Directorate of Immigration, it is in principle possible to send refugees and migrants back to the nearest safe countries, such as Sweden, under the Immigration Act Section 32 d.




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