The war is not on drugs or terrorism; the war is on American society as we know it.

A man faces down a line of Baltimore Police as a CVS burns during violent protests following the funeral of Freddie Gray, April 27, 2015 in Baltimore. (Photo credit: Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images)
A man faces down a line of Baltimore Police as a CVS burns during violent protests following the funeral of Freddie Gray, April 27, 2015 in Baltimore. (Photo credit: Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images)

By: Rachel Molschky

Hippie politics are destroying the nation. The growing phenomenon of legalizing pot seems to have led to our government smoking that leafy plant which has the well-known effect of no ambition. Make love, not war; just chill, man. And coexist.

Those coexist bumper stickers are so sweet, but there is one problem: Islam is not about coexisting. ISIS is tearing through Iraq and Syria, conquering cities our troops had fought for, died for, leaving their widows to wonder if it was all in vain. Obama insisted on getting us out of there, yet at the same time, he’s continued drone attacks on terrorists as well as airstrikes, two things Muslim terrorists really don’t appreciate. So we are the enemy, whether we left Iraq or not, or whether Obama declares that the future must not belong to those who slander the prophet of Islam or holds annual Iftar dinners. And we are a target- a vulnerable target, thanks to those inexplicable politics.

But being a target is a fight we cannot win because counter-terrorism is racist. That’s right. Racist. Mosque surveillance which helped to thwart various terror plots and put some of these terrorists behind bars has been discontinued because it’s invasive and unfair to those peace-loving Muslims who preach our demise in mosques on our soil. And it’s no exaggeration- one study found that only 3.5 percent of American mosques preach some peaceful form of Islam. The rest either preach violence or have available to their mosque attendees some violent or terror-supporting material. That’s in America, where Muslims are supposedly well-assimilated compared to Muslims in Europe or Australia. Comforting news.

Everything is racist now. After the Obama Administration went after those “racist” counter-terrorism authorities who have to work in overdrive now in order to watch so many of the hundreds of thousands of Muslim immigrants Obama has brought over, especially since he eased restrictions on our security and what constitutes a “real” terrorist (allowing “not-so-bad” terrorists to enter our country), the next step to weaken authority was the police. You see, a part of this peace, love and happiness dream is appeasement, which has extended past the screaming Muslims rioting in the streets with signs about beheading those who insult the prophet, heil Hitler, death to Israel, and death to America, and the Muslim groups like CAIR which have been linked to terror groups, and onto the screaming rioters and looters who burn down drugstores and attack police.

Now that the police can no longer do their jobs, the murder and attempted murder rates are increasing at an alarming speed. The criminals want anarchy, and our government wants to appease them, attacking the police instead. They’re trying to pet the dog, only that dog is rabid at the moment and knows no reason.

Appease the Muslim terrorists, who hate us, are killing Jews and Christians in not only the Middle East but also the West and want to destroy us and our civilization; and appease the criminals who want free rein to commit their violence. The excuse that it’s all a civil rights movement is preposterous. Everyone in America who was born here is blessed with that wonderful thing that people around the world are desperate to get- American citizenship. Freedom, like the freedom to go to a public school and get an education. Sure, that school may not be as good as one where the people pay super high taxes in order to receive a higher quality education, but it is an American public school nonetheless, affording all Americans with many opportunities and opening doors which will never open to many who have not been able to get to the US either legally or illegally.

Any immigrant who truly is a decent immigrant, wanting a better life, is laughing at the stupidity of those crying Americans who scream about not having any opportunity. People risk their lives to get into the United States, and some of them lose their lives in the process. They are desperate to be American, while some who were born and raised here would rather take for granted everything that they have and victimize themselves instead.

It’s about the choices we make in life. If you’ve made your bed, then be prepared to lie in it. It’s not the government’s responsibility to clean up the messes of our personal lives. If a woman has eight kids with eight different fathers, these were the choices she made. Why should the government take care of those children? How is it the fault of the police or the country? And why on earth is everyone so proud of how hard she works at being a single mother? If she had been married and had that big family when her husband took off or even died, then pity is in order. But to whine and complain about entitlement for the poor choices she made in life is a reflection of our society today and its backward system of “values.”

Then there are the drugs. Drugs dealers and violent gangs. Somehow it’s the government’s fault for “abandoning” these communities where the “disadvantaged” live, and racism is to blame. It is not, however, the fault of the drug dealers and gang members. They have nothing to do with it.

Our “loving” policies where marijuana is legalized and gay marriage is sweeping across the nation like a wild brushfire in California, are presented as progress but are really anything but. Love and acceptance to all, including Muslim terrorists, misogynists, anti-Semites and Christianophobes; cop killers, drug dealers who are “disadvantaged,” rioters, looters and CVS arsonists, who are not “thugs” by the way because that term is racist- but a war on Christianity, free speech, morality, law and order and above all- common sense.

The hippie love apparently does not extend to those who founded the nation, those who came to America to escape religious persecution and have encountered it yet again, after so much “progress.” The progress, that is,

  • of throwing the Torah and the Christian Bible out the window to legally institutionalize gay marriage;
  • the progress of attacking Christians but defending the most violent religion on earth, the religion that almost all the terrorists in the world follow, those people who have sworn us to be their enemy;
  • the progress of being proud of people who sleep around and stroking the egos of violent criminals;
  • the progress of destroying our bodies with tattoos all over them, tattoos which were once shunned in most workplaces, now a source of pride, displayed with as little clothing as possible in even the most conservative of places (just to ensure that everyone sees those wonderful works of art on lower backs, upper thighs or even breasts);
  • the progress of fashion trends calling for the tightest clothing and least amount of clothing possible, eradicating all of the advances made in equality and making women more of the sex objects we’ve tried so hard not to be;
  • and finally, the progress of preaching for no violence in the real world against enemies who really are trying to kill us, yet at the same time, allowing the maximum amount of violence and gore in video games, movies and television shows, normalizing it for our children and their sponge-like minds.

These backward “ideals” are undermining our former strength, lowering our standing in the world and tearing our country apart. But let’s keep going. We’ll have a new political party called Islamic State, whose popularity will grow faster than we can bring over more terrorist “refugees,” (which is pretty quick), the descendants of the people who founded the nation will be kicked out or will become second class citizens, law enforcement will no longer exist because it’s unfair and discriminatory towards criminals, the military will be disbanded because fighting the enemy is a terrible thing, and we’ll all walk around naked because after all, we practically already are- or we’ll be in burqas, a.k.a. black leaf bags- one or the other.

The irony of it all is that the hippies and anarchists are really voting for socialists and greater government control, and the love of freedom is leading to less and less freedom as time goes on. What a bizarre state of affairs. If it’s not one extreme, it’s the other.



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