How Nonwhite Invaders Lie their Way into Europe

Nonwhite invaders are using every lie and trick in the book—including fake ID papers, self-mutilated fingerprints and false accents—to try and con gullible Europeans into giving them “asylum” even though they have no right to that status, it has emerged.


A report in Austria’s Kurier newspaper reported that only “half” of all the invaders who have arrived at Vienna’s main railway station and who claim to be “Syrian,” originate from that country—and all the rest are from a host of other unrelated Third World countries.

The Kurier also confirmed what some honest observers have already pointed out: that the vast majority of those claiming “asylum” in fact fled Turkey, from where many had been living for years before taking part in the current invasion of Europe.

Therefore, even in terms of the EU’s own definition of an “asylum seeker,” these people have fled a “safe” country to get to Europe—and are therefore not “refugees” at all.

As the Kurier reported:

“Ayman, 33, comes from the Syrian capital Damascus. He fled with his family before the Civil War. While his wife remains in a Turkish refugee camp, Ayman and his three sons wait on Vienna’s Westbahnhof for the next train. The family wants to go to Germany. Once they have arrived there, the mother is scheduled to come.”

In other words, their jump-off point is so safe that they are happy to leave a woman all by herself there, while her husband and three children invade Europe and establish a base to which she will “come later.” “Refugees” or simple invaders taking advantage of race-blind European liberalism?

The Kurier continued:

“Our translator is sure: Ayman is telling the truth. She is originally from Palestine and has the familiar Arab-Syrian familiar accent.”

In other words, this Ayman is originally a Palestinian expelled from Palestine by the Zionist Jews-only state, which, of course, refuses to accept any of these non-Jewish “refugees.”

The Kurier continued:

“But he [Ayman] points out: Only 50 percent of incoming refugees, who claim to be Syrians are actually Syrians. That annoys me a bit.”

The Kurier then goes on to tell of an Algerian who walks past, and tells the translator that he wants to go to Germany, but he has no papers.

“Are you honest?” the translator asks him, to which he replies, “Not really,” and then when they later again ask him what his nationality is, he now replies, “Syria, Syria.”

The Kurier then quotes yet another Syrian Abd-ar-Rahman, also present at the railway station, as follows:

“There are many who only pretend to be Syrians. Afghans, Lebanese, Pakistanis, Turks, Kurds, Egyptians and especially Iraqis.”

He goes on reveal that upon their arrival in Greece, the authorities attempted to separate the people into “Syrian and non-Syrian.”

But, when many are asked to give their fingerprints, the authorities have found that large numbers of “asylum seekers” have deliberately mutilated their fingers in the hope that they cannot be identified.

Furthermore, Abd-ar-Rahman said, “many Iraqis pretend to be Syrians from the area around Quamishli. This Syrian city is located near the Turkish border. Its inhabitants speak an Arabic dialect that is widespread in Iraq.”

Television in Vienna showed images of invaders who had mutilated their fingers in the hope of avoiding identification.
Television in Vienna showed images of invaders who had mutilated their fingers in the hope of avoiding identification.

Meanwhile an earlier report in Italy’s Local newspaper revealed that the nonwhite invaders crossing the Mediterranean are also increasingly resorting to refusing to be subjected to any identification checks, also in the hope of lying about their country of origin.

Daniela Stradiotto, the director of the servizio di polizia scientifica, the unit of the Italian police force that deals with forensics and identification, was quoted as saying that it was “mostly Eritrean, Syrian, and Somalis” who refuse to be identified.

“It’s technically illegal to force them to undergo photo and fingerprint identification,” Stradiotto said.  “Police are looking for new legal powers to hold migrants for 72 hours instead of the current 12 in order to try to force them to undergo identification.”

According to the Dublin agreement—which was unilaterally suspended by German chancellor Angela Merkel in blatant violation of all EU laws—“asylum seekers” must identify themselves before their asylum applications can be processed in the first EU country they arrive in.

But, as the Local reported, many of the nonwhites landing in Italy are “choosing to remain under the radar in Italy, in the hope of moving on to other EU countries where they might find better prospects.”



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