How three brave female fighters killed 10 ISIS jihadis a day on the frontline in Iraq


Brave: Pictured left to right: Raparin, Roza and Deijly make up an all female fighting unit who left left their lives in Turkey to help stem the tide of ethnic cleansing by ISIS against Yazidi people in Mount Sinjar, northern Iraq
  • All-female fighting unit is stemming the tide of ISIS’ ethnic cleansing of Yazidis in Mount Sinjar, northern Iraq
  • Women left behind lives in Turkey and smuggle themselves into Kurdistan to take revenge for Yazidi murders
  • At the peak of the fighting, the AK47-wielding women were shooting dead up to 10 ISIS insurgents a day
  • They said they find drugs on jihadis they have captured on killed that they have taken to pluck up courage to fight on battlefield 
  • They said Islamic extremists are frightened of being killed by a woman and denied ‘Jannah’ or paradise after death

Three courageous women have told how they formed an armed all-female fighting unit and killed up to 10 ISIS jihadis a day to stop the Yazidi genocide on embattled Mount Sinjar.

The women took the extraordinary decision to leave behind their lives in Turkey and travel to Kurdistan, northern Iraq, to end the bloodshed of Yazidis being slaughtered there.

 ‘When we heard ISIS were coming to Sinjar and killing women, we came to stop the humanitarian crisis,’ Roza, 22, the youngest of the group, told MailOnline.

Dressed in her camouflage vest that holds her AK-47 magazines and up to six grenades, she described what had happened to Christian Yazidis there as ‘a crime against humanity’.

‘When ISIS came, we saw them take Yazidi females and enslave them,’ Roza said.

The ethnic cleansing of Yazidis on Mount Sinjar started in August last year when ISIS raided villages and plundered communities.

They went into villages armed with guns and took men, women and children from their homes. Terrified, they were forced to stand in two separate lines, men on one side and women and children on the other.

The men were forced to renounce Christianity and pledge their allegiance to Islam.

Should they refuse, they were bundled into trucks and taken to killing fields on the edges of villages, forced to dig their own graves before being made to kneel and shot in the back of the head.

The women and underage girls were often taken to cities such as Mosul and Raqqa and turned into sex slaves.

Speaking exclusively to MailOnline, Roza explained: ‘They did this first of all to get rid of the Yazidis and convert them and second, to do bad things to their females.’

The genocide of Yazidis led US President Barack Obama to order air strikes against ISIS on August 7. But the women said that by then it was already too late.

Sat next to Roza is her experienced guerrilla ‘commander’, Deijly.

Deijly explained that they had heard from other fighters operating in the caves in Sinjar that ISIS massacred Yazidis four days before the US airstrikes, on August 3.



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