Identity of Paris Attackers Established

Identity of Paris Attackers Established

Ahmed Almuhamed posed as a Syrian refugee when he came into Europe and he is a well known ISIS terrorist.

Two passports were found near the bodies of suicide bombers in Paris. One of the passports belonged to a 25-year-old Syrian national named Ahmed Almuhamed, the other one to a native of Egypt.

The first gunman to be identified was a 29-year-old Muslim named Omar Ismaël Mostefai who was born and lived in Courcouronnes, France (a town 25km south of Paris in Essonne). Omar is the son of an Algerian immigrant family, thus making him a second generation migrant, yet he was still overtaken by hatred against Christian European people. The terrorists have been heard by numerous witnesses shouting “Allahu Akbar”.

Ahmed Almuhamed’s identity was brought to light thanks to Greek and Serbian politicians who said they had record of him passing through their countries in October, as an asylum seeker/refugee, entering Greece on October 3 and Serbia on October 7. Back then, when Hungary was warning of potential ISIS terrorists infiltrated among the so-called refugees, everyone called them derogatory names such as Islamophobes or racists! Today Hungary has proven to be right and their recent built border wall quite necessary.

The Egyptian terrorist’s name is unknown as of yet because the French authorities are doing their best to hide the identities of the terrorists so that the French people won’t openly revolt against the Muslim invaders. French authorities have gone even a step further in protecting the invaders, by banning any type of protest in all of France.

The police are studying the found documents to use the information for further investigation of the terrorist attacks in Paris.

Reportedly, one of the accomplices of the terrorists, who organized the attacks in the capital of France, was arrested on November 12, the day before the tragedy, in Bavaria. The terrorist was heading to France carrying with several kilograms of TNT and firearms.

According to journalist Inna Smbatyan, who had moved to Paris, there is no panic in the city. People are frightened with what has happened, but they try to remain calm.

“I went out, and the city was empty. You can walk along the Champs Elysees and you can count the passing cars. There are either very bold people or tourists in the streets. All shops and entertainments centers in the city are closed. Christmas fairs are not working, and I am not sure whether they are going to work this year at all. No one knows yet, whether schools are going to open next week, but most likely they will,” the journalist said in an interview with



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