Invaders: Norway Will “Deport by Force”

The Norwegian government has taken out large advertisements in newspapers in Afghanistan warning that Afghans seeking asylum in Norway “will be returned by force,” and has warned nonwhite invaders crossing from Russia that they will be deported immediately.

The moves come only a day after the Norwegian government also announced the reintroduction of border controls to stop the Angela Merkel-generated Third World invasion from flooding out the Scandinavian nation


“Persons who do not qualify for a permit in Norway and whose applications are denied must return to their country of origin or country of habitual residence. If you do not leave voluntarily, you will be returned by force,” reads the advertisement placed by the Norwegian Ministry of Justice and Public Security in the English-languageAfghanistan Times and the Dari-language Hasht-e-sub.

It goes on to make it clear that Afghans will not be given refugee status in Norway.

“People from safe areas of Afghanistan or who have been granted residence in another country will have their application rejected and will be deported. People from areas that are not considered safe may be returned to other parts of Afghanistan,” the advertisement reads.

In addition it outlines recent changes to Norway’s asylum policy, which include cuts in welfare handouts and limits on family reunification.

The Norwegian government has also launched a Facebook campaign which explains in English, Arabic, and Farsi why invaders should not consider coming to Norway.


The Facebook page, titled “Stricter Asylum Regulations in Norway” provides links to Norwegian government website pages where the country’s policy is spelled out in detail.

At the same time, the Norwegian government announced that it was introducing border controls “to prevent people without the required travel documents from entering the country.”


Earlier, various news sources had reported that nonwhite invaders were travelling up through Russia and cycling across the border into Norway. More than 5,000 invaders have crossed the border at Storksog since the beginning of the year, compared with only 10 in 2014. Many of them come to Norway after extended periods in Russia.

A press release issued by the Norwegian government on November 25, however, announced that it was putting in place “fast track” processing for “asylum seekers arriving via Russia.”

According to the press release, the “Ministry of Justice and Public Security has instructed the Directorate of Immigration (UDI) and the Immigration Appeals Board (UNE) to reject applications from asylum seekers arriving in Norway after having resided in Russia, without considering individual cases in depth.”

The press release also quoted the Norwegian Minister of Justice and Public Security Anders Anundsen as saying that his government did not consider these “asylum seekers to be at risk of persecution in Russia. Their decision to leave Russia for Norway is a misuse of the asylum system.”

The invaders will be blocked from entering at the border and will be rapidly returned to Russia. The change has come about because of an amendment to current legislation which was fast tracked through the Norwegian parliament last week.

Anders Anundsen.
Anders Anundsen.

In addition, Anundsen said, Norway was imposing border controls for the ferry routes between Norway and the European continent and tightening control of all territorial frontier areas. In practice this means that people who do not have valid travel documents for Norway may be refused entry at ferry terminals on the Continent.

In addition, the Norwegian government has also announced a new collaboration with the Iraqi government where it has established structures to enable the return of Iraqi nationals to safe areas in that country, “so that Iraqis and internal refugees in Iraq who have been ordered to leave Norway can be referred for internal flight.”

Norway’s sudden moves have come as a surprise to those not familiar with political developments in that country.

Justice Minister Anundsen is a member of the Norwegian Framstegspartiet, (Progress Party, or FrP), one of three parties in coalition in the government which took power after the 2013 general election.

The party’s policy on immigration is detailed on its website:

Norwegians need effective and good public services that are sustainable for the future. They provide us with roads, schools, health care, elderly care, and a police that ensures we are safe. To ensure sustainable public services, Norway needs to rethink its immigration policies. For too long, Norway has admitted more and more immigrants without thinking about the strain on integration policies and public services. The Progress Party is the only party that takes this challenge seriously and wants a fair and sustainable immigration policy.

For this very reasonable and sensible policy, the controlled far left media always refers to the FrP as “far right,” “xenophobic,” and sometimes even “racist.”

* A November 2015 poll conducted by Ipsos MMI in Norway showed that 72 percent of Norwegians were opposed to the admission of “refugees.”



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