Daesh Plans To Launch ‘Lone Wolf’ Terror Attacks In India

India has strengthen security after receiving intelligence report that Daeshis planning to carry out terror strikes anywhere in the country.


Indian Minister of State for Home Kiren Rijiju said earlier this week that according to the report received by the government, the banned terror outfit might use a single terrorist, commonly known as ‘lone wolf’, to create a chaos in the country. The minister also assured Indians that the Narendra Modi administration has taken all the necessary steps to prevent possible terror attacks. “Challenges are there. We have to accept that it is a reality. The threat is there,” Rijiju told a television channel.

The minister expressed serious concern over the increasing number of Muslims leaving the country for Iraq and Syria, as they have been “attracted” by the Daesh ideology. According to Rijiju, the government also decided not to allow Indians to visit the war-torn West Asian nations for next few months as a precautionary measure. He informed the media that the government has started taking anything, which threatens the national security, seriously in order to face the challenge of Daesh.

Meanwhile, a senior Home Ministry official claimed that after monitoring some web portals that are spreading the Daesh propaganda, the government found that servers of these portals were not located in India. The official met the press soon after Daesh published its latest manifesto in which the outfit vowed to expand war to India. “The IS would now expand beyond Iraq and Syria. It would now expand into India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Afghanistan (and several other countries),” states the manifesto.

In a rare first, the terror organisation analyses the political situation in India, noting: “A movement of Hindus is growing. Hindus kill Muslims, who eat beef. The people, who fund these organisations, want to grow a huge following of Islam-haters, who can turn into potential recruits for future wars in their countries.” They also aimed the manifesto at Prime Minister Modi, calling him a “right-wing Hindu nationalist” and stating that the Indian premier ‘worships weapons’. The Daesh also accused Modi of ‘preparing his people for a future war against their number one enemy – Muslims’.

However, Rijiju rejected the Daesh’ analysis, saying that the incidents of communal violence have gone down in the last few years. Rijiju also said that India, as a secular and democratic country, allows its people (including the minority community) to enjoy religious freedom. At the same time, he made it clear that India would never allow a section of people to create chaos in the name of religion.




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