Islam – the religion of peace?

In depth analysis of Islam’s relentless 1,400 years of Jihad. Bill Warner, Phd is a scholar of Islam who uses facts drawn from scientific evaluation of history, archeology and the Islamic texts to deconstruct Islam and Western submission and to reach some truly remarkable conclusions. His vast documentation and mastery of the subject are astounding. Well worth one hour of your time!

Comparing Jihad with the Crusades


  • Defensive and lasted 300 years
  • Ended 800 years ago

Advance of Islam

  • Offensive lasted 1400 years
  • Active today

Why is jihad so dangerous even today?

Muslims find local people who are willing to work with them and do business with them. You can always find somebody in a conquered people who are willing to work for you. Why? They want to get along and they don’t see it as a betrayal.

Can you think of anything in the modern history that confirm this? I’m sure you can. And it is happening today and it will happen again. Just see how the the liberal part of the political society in the west are embracing the islamic invasion we see these days, camuflaged as refugees. Hordes of muslims are coming to the western world but only a few percentages are real refugees. The result will be that islam will dominate the next century. Jihad in the works.