Islamic State Rooted In Arab Spring

MOSCOW – Islamic State evolved from the Arab Spring and gained momentum due to the duplicity of certain world powers, the head of Russia’s Federal Security Service (FSB) has told a meeting of top security heads of ex-Soviet states (CIS) in Moscow on Wednesday.

Islamic State Rooted In Arab Spring
Illustration – Photo from: Al-Alam

There are world powers that are using Islamic State (IS, former ISIL/ISIS) as a kind of “terror battering ram” to ensure their interests in Asia and Africa, said FSB director Aleksandr Bortnikov. In pursuing their goals with IS, these countries have put the world on the verge of a global religious and civilizational crisis, he added.

The outcome of this global conflict could be disastrous, Bortnikov stressed.

Russia’s security agency chief also said that with parts of the Taliban movement in Afghanistan joining Islamic State, there is an imminent threat of the terrorists invading Central Asia.

“The escalation of tension in Afghanistan is causing serious concern. Numerous IS gangs that are part of the Taliban movement are currently concentrated on the northern borders of that country. Some of them have joined Islamic State, which has dramatically intensified the threat of a terrorist invasion of Central Asia,” said the FSB chief.

Bortnikov stressed that incidents on the borders of Russia’s regional partners are already taking place. Militants returning to CIS countries from various hotbeds are bringing instability back home, he told his colleagues.




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