“It Is Possible There Are Terrorist Camps In BiH”

SARAJEVO – Deputy Minister of Security of Bosnia-Herzegovina (BiH) Mijo Kresic said Wednesday that he did not exclude the possibility of there being terrorist camps training extremists in BiH.



“It is a fact that people from here go to war-affected territories and that they conduct specific terrorist activities there, and it means that they have been trained for that somewhere,” Kresic told Tanjug on the sidelines of an international conference in Sarajevo, dubbed ‘Foreign Terrorist Fighters – Challenges for South-Eastern Europe’.

If there are training camps somewhere in BiH, I think that our intelligence and security agencies monitor that with an aim to eliminate them, said Kresic.

He added that the authorities monitored the flow of money arriving from Arab countries to prevent any abuse or intention to use the money to finance terrorist activities.

Vlado Azinovic, professor at the Faculty of Political science in Sarajevo, stressed that the phenomenon of foreign terrorist fighters was a global problem, pointing out that around 30,000 people from more than 90 countries were currently fighting in Iraq and Syria.

Azinovic said that about 220 BiH citizens had joined the fight on the side of the Islamic State, 46 of them getting killed and around 50 of them returning home over the previous four years.

Azinovic pointed out that all – the government, the academic community, non-governmental organizations, and the media – had to recognize and react to the early signs of radicalization and extremist behaviour.

The conference was jointly organized by the RACVIAC Center for Security Cooperation, the Ministry of Security of BiH and the OSCE Mission to BiH.



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