Jihadi who fled Syria says Islamic State planning “mega attack” in Europe

By Robert Spencer

They have said they were going to do this. Now this man says they’re planning the attacks. The solution, as far as European authorities are concerned? Bring in more refugees, among whom there are certain to be jihadis.

Islamic State33

“Jihadist who fled Syria: IS is planning ‘mega attack’ in Europe,” Times of Israel, December 18, 2015:

An Islamic State activist from Germany who succeeded in fleeing the group says the terror organization is planning a massive Europe-wide terror attack, according to a report in the Independent on Friday.

Named by the paper as “Harry S.”, the 27-year-old said he and other jihadists from European countries were asked in Syria whether they would be willing to “bring jihad to their homeland.”

“They want something that happens everywhere at the same time,” he said. The man is now incarcerated in a German prison, having been arrested upon his return from Syria.

According to the Independent, he fled Islamic State after having stayed with the group for three months because he could not stand the organization’s brutality.

“Harry” tried to join the terror group in 2014 but was returned to Germany by Turkish authorities, after which he was ordered to check in at a police station twice a week. He nonetheless succeeded in escaping Germany using another man’s passport, and upon reaching Syria was trained for a major terror attack not unlike the one that took place in Paris on November 13….

SOURCE Jihadwarch



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