Killers turned on the border of Norway

Here Syria refugees bicycles to Norway and freedom
Here Syria refugees bicycles to Norway and freedom

– We have arrested and imprisoned some, and gained rapid processing of five pieces that we have sent back on the bike over Storskog, said Police Chief Ellen Kathrine Hætta in eastern Finnmark to TV2.

On bike? Yup, the asylum seekers are coming to Norway from Russia on bikes du to a law in Ruyssia that forbid to cross the border on foot.

Well 1,200 people have applied for asylum after they have crossed the border from Russia this year. But only since last Friday there have been 539 asylum seekers this road.

– Those who have been arrested and imprisoned, has committed serious offenses in his home country, says Hætta.

After that TV2 experiences, this includes people who are convicted of murder in their homelands.

– They have been discovered because we have gone through the documentation that they had with them when they traveled from Russia, says the chief.

The persons that have been revealed at the border, have had residence both in Russia and other countries. Russian authorities have not sent any of them back in return.

State Secretary Joran Kallemyr (FRP) in the Ministry of Justice said this week that the government is now working to prepare an instruction to the UDI that refugees and asylum seekers who come over Russia-limit, shall be returned without applications are processed. Everyone who comes through Russia has a visa to the country



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