Mayor stops Islamic Tribunal in Irving, TX

Muslims FURIOUS at This Texas Mayor After She STOPPED Their ‘Sharia Court’


What would you do if you found out that Muslims were operating a Sharia court in your town — or, more importantly, what would your elected officials do?

One Texas mayor took action, and Muslims are furious..

Although the Muslim so-called “judges” claim this is just for religious disputes and marital issues, it has created plenty of outrage — not just in Texas, but nationwide.

That’s when the Mayor of Irving, Beth Van Duyne, made her stand. She posted on Facebook denouncing illegal entities that try to act outside the Constitution. Including Sharia “law”.


Muslim leaders went nuts. Van Duyne came under fire for being “anti-Islamic” when she spoke against the Shariah Law tribunal, which was never approved by the City Council.”It fuels anti-Islamic hysteria,” Zia Sheikh, imam at the Islamic Center of Irving, told the Dallas Morning News.

The Mayor was even attacked by the Dallas Morning News as “Islamophobic.”

Van Duyne would not back down. In fact she DOUBLED down.

She proposed, and the city of Irving just passed a law that says no foreign or Sharia laws will be given merit. This means that only the laws of the United States will be followed and adhered to in the city of Irving.

WATCH video of the contentious meeting where Van Duyne stood up to dozens of angry Muslims:

Although not specifically named this means that the practice of any foreign laws within the city of Irving are prohibited.

Muslims don’t like this because this means their Sharia Tribunal is illegal, and they feel that it is an affront on their religion.

This is the United States and the Constitution is the only law of the land. No one gets to come up and say that they want to follow their own special laws.

The line has been drawn for sure in Texas. We salute Mayor Van Duyne for her courage under fire.



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