Migrants clash with Macedonian police


Up to 40 wounded have resulted in Saturday’s clashes between migrants and Macedonian riot police on the border of Macedonia and Greece. The refugees are angry that Macedonia launched on Saturday said the construction of the border fence, which has prevented migrants in an uncontrolled way over its territory.

At the Macedonian-Greek border began to accumulate refugees after the country ten days ago he decided that it will continue to be run only people fleeing from Afghanistan, Iraq and Syria. Members of other nations are protesting against this limit.
On Saturday, police clashed with about 250 migrants who were throwing stones. Macedonian police probably when hit briefly entered the Greek territory and used stun grenades.
Macedonian Interior Ministry announced that 18 policemen suffered injuries, two of whom had to be hospitalized. About 20 migrants were treated with head injuries and breathing difficulties, informed the humanitarian organization.

Ilustrační foto.

Just this month passed by the International Organization for Migration Macedonia 105,000 migrants who had arrived in Greece. Most of them going on to Germany and Scandinavia.

Macedonia reiterates that the border does not close completely. A government spokesman said that the fence serves to direct the people to the official border crossings. However, they are only open to Syrians, Iraqis and Afghans. According to the BBC, however, on the Macedonian-Greek border also a number of migrants from Morocco, Algeria, Iran and Pakistan. Those on Thursday tried to break through the border violence, some reportedly in protest also Stitched up lips.

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