Muallem: British And French Airstrikes Violate Syrian Sovereignty

MOSCOW – British and French airstrikes on Syrian territory violate internationally recognized legal norms, the Syrian Foreign Minister complained on Thursday, Sputnik reports.



“What Britain and France are doing in the Syrian airspace flies in the face of international law and is a flagrant violation of the national sovereignty of the Syrian Republic,” Walid Muallem said.

Meanwhile, Russia’s Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov dismissed as “untrue” a statement earlier made by his US counterpart John Kerry about the US-led coalition’s actions in Syria being fully in line with the UN Charter.

“Today I said to John Kerry that, unlike in the case with Iraq, which invited the coalition to move in, there has been no such invitation from Syria, nor has the coalition asked for any such permission from the UN Security Council… But he still told the Council that the coalition’s actions in Syria were fully in line with the UN Charter, namely its Article 51, which envisages the right to collective self-defense. Article 51 pertains exclusively to a situation where a concrete state requests outside protection,” Lavrov said, when summing up the results of his talks with the US Secretary of State.

“The coalition has received no such request from the Syrian government, while Russia has,” Lavrov added.



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