Mullah Krekar says Europe need to submit to islamic rule

This should be seen by all – Baffling TV interview with mullah Krekar in Norway about islam and the West. It clearly discloses the true intentions of islam for Europe… Domination!

Warning: worse than Nazi Germany!

A mullah is an islamic cleric who has studied the koran, the hadith, islamic rituals and islamic law intensively. They are regarded by all muslims as experts in any field that is tangent to the islamic faith.

This profound interview is not in Saudi Arabia people, THIS IS IN NORWAY – ON NATIONAL TV. Wake up before it is too late my friends, there are NO rights inside the Sharia for non-muslims.

The common narrative that ‘islam has nothing to do with the deconstruction of critical freedoms around the world’ is coming undone and – more importantly – irrelevant.

The goal of islam is to dominate the West. Every single country now occupied by islam used to be a blooming Christian nation once… just like the West is today… get the picture?

It’s time to wake up guys. Sooner or later the penny needs to drop.