An Oklahoma girl, Colleen Hufford, was beheaded at Vaughan Foods, her place of employment by a Muslim who had repeatedly been trying to convert co-workers to Islam, once more proving this can be no religion of peace.

Alton Alexander Nolen, the Muslim who killed Hufford, was recently dismissed from the business. He was shot by an off-duty policeman during the attack on Hufford and another colleague, however, is in the hospital and is expected to survive.

According to TheBlaze, the discovery of Nolen’s religious beliefs, his tries at changing others to Islam, and also the manner in which he killed Hufford have led to authorities probing a lot of deeply into the man’s background, to analyze whether or not he has ties to any radical groups that might be in the area.

“After conducting interviews with coworkers of Nolen information was obtained that he recently … started trying to convert some of his coworkers to the Muslim religion,” Jeremy Lewis of the Moore police department said


Traci Johnson, the other victim attacked by Nolen is in stable condition and police believe she also would’ve been killed if not for the intervention of the off-duty policeman.

This is shivery.

Generals and leaders from around the world have warned America of radical Islamists infiltrating the country and attacking citizens, and it looks like it’s truly starting to happen.

Radical Islam has reared its ugly head within the U.S. and now could be the time to finally declare it the real enemy we tend to face and develop a strategy to put this evil ideology to bed before any more innocent people lose their lives.