Muslim Migrant Robs Swedish Man after Falling onto Tracks, Leaves him to be hit by Train

Sweden-300x336Disturbing CCTV footage from a subway station in Stockholm shows a man falling onto the tracks, before being robbed and left to be hit by a train.

A drunk, middle-aged man has survived after falling off an underground platform on to the train tracks in Sweden. The only witness jumped down on the track to steal the man’s valuables.

Then he climbed back up on the platform and left his victim to be hit by a train. The man survived, but was seriously injured and had to amputate half his left foot. Swedish police now hope that surveillance camera footage of the disturbing incident at a Stockholm underground station early Sunday will help them find and arrest the unscrupulous thief.

28-year-old Tunisian Nadar Khiari has been sentenced to one and a half years in prison for theft, and will be deported following the end of his sentence.



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