‘Muslim’ Pranksters Pretend To Throw BOMBS – See what happens…

Three brothers have made a series of videos that shows them pulling pranks on random strangers. Seems harmless enough- but wait.

The ‘Jalal Brothers’ have become a sensation for posting videos to Facebook where they dress up like Muslims and hurl ‘suspicious’ packages and backpacks at unsuspecting strangers who, thinking these are bombs, panic and run like hell!

The brothers, a group from Melbourne, Australia, call themselves the Jalals.


At first it seems like a funny premise I suppose but in reality it is stupid as well as dangerous.

The brothers, a group from Melbourne, Australia, call themselves the Jalals and just yesterday posted their third bomb scare prank video. The reactions they get are typically the same – the victim running away in sheer panic whether out of their vehicle, up an escalator, or even into a body of water, BMW M-Blog reports.

This time, however, they apparently got a different reaction while filming for their fourth video.  One of the brothers, Arman Jalal, was shot in the stomach after ‘pranking’ the wrong man.  The incident occurred late Tuesday night in a parking garage in East Melbourne.  The brother is said to be in critical but stable condition at St Vincents & Mercy Private Hospital.

The man they pranked is reported to be Scotty Southam a weapons consultant for the military, 31, is currently being questioned by Victoria Police but there are it is currently unclear whether he will be charged.

Pictured: Scott Southam


The shooting prank…

Even muslims can do terrorist pranks….



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