Muslims Used Daughter as a Bomb


Pictured: The mother stands in the middle, invisible in a black burqa.

The two daughters of seven and nine years are wearing jackets and hats before they get a hug from their burqa-dressed jihadmother. The seven years old is then sent alone to a police station in Damascus. She is a living bomb. Her parents have secured her a remote-controlled bomb that they trigger when the daughter comes into the police station. She died instantly and three policemen were wounded.

A policeman later told that the girl had seemed lost and asked to borrow the toilet when the bomb went off.

In the video the mother is asked why she sends her daughters on jihad missions when they are so young. Her answer is that no one is young in terms of jihad because all Muslims are expected to participate in jihad.

Jihad father gives his two daughters instructions. He sacrifices them gladly for Islam and ask Allah to accept them:



The former Israeli Prime Minister Golda Meir should one time have said, “Peace will come When the Arabs will love their children more than They hate us.”

Daily Mail