Nationalist Marian Kotleba Wins Regional Election in Slovakia

Mariana Kotleba.  Heil.
Marian Kotleba. Heil.

In a monumental victory for the European people as a whole, and Slovakia in particular, the hardcore nationalist Marian Kotleba won 55.5% of the votes in central region of Banska Bystrica, securing leadership of the region, which is one of eight which comprise the Slovakia state.

Kotleba, 36, is the leader of the KDU party (People’s Party of Slovakia) and former leader of the now-banned Slovak Togetherness-National Party.

He is openly supportive of Josef Tiso and the Slovak People’s Party, who were aligned with the Axis during World War Two, after Hitler had backed the Slovaks in securing independence from Czechoslovakia. He has also clearly expressed hostility to the parasitical gypsy occupation force in Slovakia, as well as the Jews.

He has stated that NATO is a terrorist organization, and advocates an end to all association with the International Monetary Fund. He also seeks to reestablish Christian principles as the foundational basis of the nation.

In 2009, he lost the election in the same region, gaining only 10.03% of the votes.

Kotleba arrested for giving a speech by the guardians of freedom and democracy in 2009.
Kotleba was arrested for giving a speech by masked guardians of freedom and democracy in 2009.

At a 2009 rally celebrating the 70th anniversary of the founding of the Slovakian state, he gave an impassioned speech where he called upon the Slovakian people to take back there country, and upon shouting “on guard!” he was promptly arrested and charged with attempting to “suppress fundamental rights and freedoms.” The charges were later dropped. He has also had criminal charges filed against him for publishing materials condemning the gypsies as a parasitical race, but those charges were also dropped.

Before entering politics in 2003, Kotleba worked as a high school teacher. He holds a Masters degree in Economics.

Father Tiso

The key figure from which Slovakian nationalists drawn inspiration, Jozef Tiso, was a Roman Catholic priest who served as the head of the Slovakian state from its founding in 1939 until the allied victory over, and conquest of, the nation in 1945.

Father Jozef Tiso
Father Jozef Tiso

Tiso was an ardent Antisemite, and, despite Jewish propaganda claiming otherwise, maintained good relations with Hitler until the end, whole-heartedly supporting the full removal of Jews and Gypsies from the continent of Europe.

In 1947, he was murdered by the puppet Czech state ruling Slovakia, under the premise that it was an international war crime to defend yourself against belligerent military aggression by the US and Britain. Like the heroes of Germany and other Axis states, he was denied the respect of a firing squad, and, wearing his clerical garb, was hanged like a rapist.

Father Tiso shaking hands with the Fuhrer.
Father Tiso shaking hands with the Führer.

Modern Nationalist rallies in Slovakia often feature chants of “Glory to Tiso” and “Long Live the Leader.”




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