Norway to remove financial support to asylum seekers

perGermany, Denmark and Sweden have discussed and implemented cuts in the cash benefits to asylum seekers. It may also be the case in Norway when the Government a few weeks comes with refugee annex to the state budget.

The rapidly increasing number of refugees to Norway in recent months has made government’s forecasts in the state budget useless. Any questions about flyktningsituajsonen was postponed for four weeks – and come in a supplementary proposition in late October / early November.

– It’s been warned for a long time

Per Sandberg (FrP) believes it must taken strong measures – here is the FRP vice chairman believes must on the table in Nydalen:

  • Close the borders, build reception center for registration and processing in countries around Syria. “This will save great expense we have in municipalities with health, food and reception. It has now built up a costly and large reception industry. “
  • Reducing and partially eliminate financial aid in the asylum process. “Cash must be abolished and replaced by various services and payments.”
  • Reducing and partially eliminate financial support for those with stay. “Here, too, there must be more benefits and less cash. But the main thing for this group is to find jobs.
  • New reception structure. “Those who have been granted, must quickly into the decentralized reception. Those seeking, waiting and who have been denied, must sit inside the centralized receipt. “
  • Retrieve more of the aid budget. “We must discuss the proportion of the aid budget spent on refugees in Norway. Sweden uses about 20 percent, Norway very little. It is natural that this will be the subject now. “

He thinks Norwegian politicians have ended up in a reality that they have been warned about for a long time

SOURCE: Aftenposten



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