Norway trying to close the asylum door

Norway trying to close the asylum door
Finance minister Siv Jensen says it’s important to work on cost reduction measures and austerity measures that may influence the flow of asylum seekers in the future. Heiko Junge (NTB Scanpix)

Siv Jensen alerts asylum-tightening

Finance and Progress Party leader Siv Jensen says it is absolutely necessary to tighten on the offer asylum seekers gets when they come to Norway.

– Costs associated with accepting asylum seekers are too high, and it is necessary to activate cost-cutting measures, says the finance minister.

– Asylum seekers should get good and proper, but soberly deals when they come to Norway. Therefore, we must critically review the arrangements we have today, if possible, to provide a service at less expensive ways, she says.

The part leader notifies that the Progress National Executive Committee also will propose several measures intended to limit the number of asylum seekers who want to come to Norway.

– Growth in the number of asylum seekers arriving in Norway can not continue. We have to get influx under control. Norway can not have systems that are so good that it’s more than naturally to choose Norway the destination for refugees, says Jensen.



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