Obama accuses Russia of attacking the “good terrorists”

Running soldiers of the Syrian army from "moderate rebels" al-Nosra in 2013
Running soldiers of the Syrian army from “moderate rebels” al-Nosra in 2013

Abundantly confirmed in many texts but seldom addressed in the reports, the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria (DIRE) is a creation of the secret services of the USA, whose members are recruited, trained and financed by this country and its allies including Britain, France, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, Israel and Jordan.  

Until recently, DIRE was known to Al-Qaeda in Iraq (AQI). It was not until 2014 that the group became the Islamic State (Islamic State in Iraq and Syria, the Islamic State in Iraq and the Levant).

Russia entered the war against terrorism

We are now witnessing a major shift in the dynamics of the war in Syria and Iraq. Russia is now directly involved in the fight against terrorism in coordination with the Syrian and Iraqi governments.

Washington acknowledged the determination of Moscow, but now that’s Obama complained that the Russians are targeting the “good terrorists” supported by Washington.

Inside information

Extract Wall Street Journal (WSJ):

According to US officials, the Russian air strikes have targeted Syria rebels backed by the CIA

One of the affected areas is a position held mainly by funded rebels, armed and trained by the CIA and the allies.

An important piece of information tacitly reported in this WSJ article is that the CIA supports terrorist to achieve a “regime change” in Syria, which involves clandestine intelligence operations in Syrian territory:


“The weapon étasunienne spy agency and leads the rebels in Syria since 2013 to fight the Assad regime. “(WSJ, September 30, 2015; emphasis added Author’s note: tacit support is provided from the beginning of the war in March 2011.)

The above is known and confirmed, but barely reported in institutional media.

The Al-Nosra forehead: “good terrorists”

The Pentagon, which now admits candidly that the CIA supports groups affiliated with Al Qaeda in Syria, the Al-Nosra forehead laments the same breath that Russia would target “good terrorists” that are supported by Washington:

One of the [Russian] air strikes hit a position held mostly by rebels backed by the CIA and allied intelligence services, according étatsuniens responsible for (…).

Of the seven areas, according to the Syrian national media, have been targeted by Russian strikes, only one, which lies east of Salamiyah in the province of Hama, has proven presence of fighters the Islamic State. The other sectors are largely dominated by factions or moderate rebel Islamist groups such as al-Sham and Ahrar Al-Nosra front, affiliated with al Qaeda.   (WSJ, September 30, 2015;. Emphasis added)

The Al-Nosra front, is actually affiliated with Al-Qaeda is a terrorist organization “jihadist” responsible for countless atrocities. Since 2012, Al-Qaeda in Iraq and Al-Nosra front, with the support of secret services of the USA, working together with various terrorist activities inside Syria.

What emerges from new developments is that the Syrian government has set its own priorities for the Russian anti-terrorist air campaign, which mainly consist of Al-Nosra hit the front, which is described as the terrorist arm of the Free Syrian Army (FSA).

Washington has called the Al-Nosra forehead terrorist organization in early 2012. This did not prevent him from supporting Al-Nosra and the so-called “moderate rebels” by providing weapons, training, support logistics, recruits, etc. This support was provided through its allies in the Persian Gulf, including Qatar and Saudi Arabia, and entered by Turkey and Israel. .

Ironically, in a decision of the UN Security Council made ​​in May 2012, “the Al-Nosra front in Syria has been on the black list as an alias of al Qaeda in Iraq”, ie to DIRE:

a decision that will result in the imposition of sanctions against the group, including an arms embargo, a travel ban and asset freeze, diplomats explained.

The US mission to the UN said that none of the 15 Council members had opposed the addition of the Al-Nosra forehead as alias Al-Qaeda in Iraq Thursday.

The Al-Nosra front, one of the most powerful armed forces in the fight against President Bashar al-Assad, last month pledged allegiance to al Qaeda leader Ayman al-Zawahri. (Al Jazeera, May 2012)

It is now that Russia is blamed for attacking a terrorist entity that is not only on the black list of the UN Security Council, but has ties to the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria (DIRE ).

What is the scope of these accusations?

While media reports that Russia supports the campaign against terrorism, in fact, Russia fight (indirectly) the USA-NATO coalition supporting the Syrian government against the terrorists, who are found to be the foot soldiers of the Western military alliance , who rely Western mercenaries and military advisers in their ranks. Specifically, Russia struggle of US-backed terrorists.

The shameful truth is that providing military aid to Syria and Iraq, Russia is attacking (indirectly) in the USA.

In this war by proxy, Moscow will support these countries in their fight against DIRE, which is supported by the US and its allies.

Michel Chossudovsky






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