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Bomb Found in Ambulance Outside German Stadium

A friendly soccer match between Germany and the Netherlands was canceled. Heavy armed Police stand outside the stadium in front of a board announcing that the match is called off,  Bomb Found in Ambulance.


Fake “Syrian” Passports and Terrorism

The full extent of the fake “Syrian refugee” passport scam has emerged after the arrest in Serbia of an “asylum seeker” carrying an identical passport to the one found on the body of a...


The Paris jihad attacks and Muslim refugees

On November 14, 2015, Jihad Watch director Robert Spencer appeared on Fox’s Sean Hannity Show, discussing the Paris jihad attacks and the Muslim refugee crisis.


US bombs Daesh oil fields in Syria

This file photo shows an oil field in northern Syria, which fell to militants during the country’s insurgency crisis. The United States military has ramped up its offensives against the Daesh (ISIS/ISIL) terrorist group...

Life inside raqqa 0

Life Inside Raqqa

A Special Report of Sky News about the life in Raqqa, Syria after ISIS came to town. SOURCE: Sky News


France Drops 20 Bombs On IS Stronghold Raqqa

Foreign minister Laurent Fabius says France has the “legitimacy” to strike back at IS militants in Syria after the Paris massacre. French fighter planes have carried out their biggest bombing raid in Syria by...


Identity of Paris Attackers Established

Ahmed Almuhamed posed as a Syrian refugee when he came into Europe and he is a well known ISIS terrorist. Two passports were found near the bodies of suicide bombers in Paris. One of...

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The person who directed this film (Theo Van Gogh) was murdered in public & a letter was pinned to his chest by use of a dagger. The creation and expression of this video costed...

Norway disarms its police officers 0

Norway disarms its police officers

Oslo (AFP) – Norway’s police, who have been authorised to carry firearms for the past year due to a heightened threat of Islamist attacks, will be unarmed again now that the threat level has...