Palestinian woman shot after stabbing female soldier at checkpoint

Hawara checkpoint, West Bank
1. Long shot of checkpoint
2. Various of Palestinian attacker lying on ground, Israeli medical staff attending to her, taking her to ambulance
3. Various of Israeli soldiers picking up blood-stained clothes
4. Long shot of checkpoint


A Palestinian woman brandishing a knife charged an Israeli female soldier at a checkpoint outside the West Bank city of Nablus on Tuesday, stabbing her in the face, the Israeli army said.

Israeli soldiers then shot and killed the attacker, they said.

The soldier sustained moderate wounds, the army said.

They said the incident happened early on Tuesday when the Palestinian woman arrived at the Hawara checkpoint.

She took out a knife and attacked the Israeli soldier.

The attack ended when other Israeli soldiers shot her.

She later died at the scene, the army and witnesses said.

Israeli police and soldiers have positioned themselves at checkpoint crossings separating Israel from the West Bank, for the Jewish New Year season.

Israel regularly imposes closures over the Palestinian areas of the occupied West Bank during Jewish holidays.



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