Police thanks Soldiers of Odin

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Soldiers of Odin intervened and broke up an assault by two migrants on little girls in Finland today. Finnish police afterwards thanked the group for the action.

Soldiers of Odin’s Tampere branch was able to rescue little girls from the hands of migrants today. The assailants spoke very poor Finnish and according to the members of Odin had a Middle Eastern appearance, writes the Finnish newspaper, Mv-Lehti.

A group of little girls were being groped and harassed by two migrants outside a local supermarket in Sääksjärvi, near the city of Tampere, in broad daylight today.

Two Soldiers of Odin, who by chance happened to be around, saw what was happening, and stopped the harassment by pushing the migrants to the ground by force and holding them until the police came.

“They tried to resist but pretty soon noticed that it was futile and stopped”, says a Soldier of Odin.

The girls got out of the horrible situation shocked but unharmed.

An older lady who had seen the incident called the police who came to arrest the migrants.

The Soldiers of Odin received a hearty thanks from the police, writes the newspaper.

“We, the Soldiers of Odin, promise to intervene in any such situation that we see, and we urge everyone to do the same when you witness these repulsive incidents happening.”

“Take care of your neighbours. There must be no tolerance for sexual harassment”, urge the Soldiers of Odin, according to the newspaper.

Today a group of Finnish parents should be very grateful.



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