Presevo: Military Doctors Examined Over 6,000 Refugees

PRESEVO – Doctors of the Nis Military Hospital deployed in Presevo, on the border with Macedonia, examined over 6,000 refugees from June 21 to September 3, Lieutenant Colonel Goran Milojkovic of the Nis Military Hospital told Tanjug on Wednesday.

Illustration – Photo: Supplied
Illustration – Photo: Supplied

He noted that military doctors have so far examined patients ranging from two to over 70 years of age, and added that the patients mostly complain about respiratory infections and gastrointestinal problems caused by food deprivation. Not a single instance of infectious diseases relevant from the standpoint of public health has been recorded, Milojkovic underscored.

He noted that doctors daily examine 60-150 individuals, depending on the inflow from Macedonia.

The centre in Presevo opened on July 8 and refugees can get administrative support in procurement of temporary documents, as well as medical assistance, food and place to rest.

Over the past few days, the number of individuals provided with accommodation in the centre almost tripled.



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