Yesteday’s evening (25th of November) the first photos and videos of destroyed Turkish convoy were released. The convoy arrived at the town Azaz, controlled by terrorists.


A few photos for the beginning:



Town Azaz is situated in the North of Syria and borders by Turkey. This town is a logistical node where all the supply of Turkey is brought to (weapons, munitions, medicines, food, etc.) From this town all this “support” is delivered to other cities, controlled by terrorists, and also to their bases and fortified localities.


The map (the red circle marks town Azaz)



As you can see there are only 5 kilometers to the border with Turkey.

Speaking about the buffer zone, Turkey was hoping to make this city an absolute foothold uncontrolled by the attacks of the Syrian army.

It did not work.

But until today due to the remoteness of the Syrian army from a given point, and a number of geopolitical reasons the attacks on this city haven’t been provided.

Today the Russian Aerospace Forces destroyed the whole column of trucks with cargo for the terrorists, which has arrived in the city the other day.

Thus, Russia continues to destroy all the objects on the border with Turkey, entirely ignoring the interests of Turkey (which have been observed earlier). It can be stated that now nor Turkey will get cheap oil, no militants will be able to get a supply, as any border crossing by the Turkish vehicles will be stopped by the strikes of the Russian Aerospace Forces.

Since yesterday Russia is providing massive aviation and artillery (of the Syrian army) strikes on the bordering with Turkey areas.

This means the destruction of supply infrastructure, which was built by Turkey in these few years of war in Syria.

Video from Azaz:

P.S. According to the Turkish press, it became known that it was destroyed (by the strikes and subsequent fire) 20 trucks, 7 people died and another 10 were injured.



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