Russian Army To Participate In Operations Against Islamic State In Syria

MOSCOW – Russia will be the sole country that will participate in the operation against the Islamic State in Syria on legal grounds, presidential spokesman Dmitry Peskov has said.

Illustration – Russian Army – Photo:
Illustration – Russian Army – Photo:

He recalled that such operations were possible only on the basis of a UN Security Council resolution or at the appropriate request of the legal authorities of this or that state concerned, TASS reports. Earlier, the chief of the presidential staff said Syria’s President Bashar Assad had asked Russia to extend military assistance in the struggle against the IS terrorists.

“As a matter of fact Russia will be the sole country that will be carrying out that operation on the legitimate basis at the request of Syria’s legitimate authorities,” Peskov said.

The two proper reasons for such operations and strikes are either are resolution by the UN Security Council or the request of the country’s legitimate government. Baghdad had addressed such a request to the international coalition earlier.

The chief of the presidential staff, Sergey Ivanov, earlier on Wednesday said Damascus had addressed Russia with such a request. He pointed out that that was the fundamental distinguishing feature of Russia’s approach and the approach of its Western partners.

Peskov also said that there were no plans for any special message in connection with the president’s decision to request permission to use Russian armed forces outside the country. He avoided answering the question when the operation in Syria might begin.

“That’s strategic information,” he said.



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