Serbia: Rising Number Of Refugees In Negotin

NEGOTIN – Around 80 men, women and children from the Middle East received aid from the local Red Cross teams in Negotin, eastern Serbia, early on Tuesday, as the number of people crossing the Bulgarian-Serbian border rises daily.

Illustration – Photo: TANJUG / DIMITRIJE NIKOLIC
Illustration – Photo: TANJUG / DIMITRIJE NIKOLIC

Refugee numbers have increased over the past week, according to the local office of the Red Cross, which provides them with vital support. The newly arrived register at the local police station where they also receive the necessary certificates.

The small town of Negotin was not on the route frequently traveled by refugees this summer, when the daily inflow of refugees who received aid from the Red Cross stood around thirty, according to the data released earlier.

Secretary of the local Red Cross office Ljuba Marinkovic told Tanjug that the group that arrived on Tuesday included a large number of women and children, and that besides the aid in food and basic hygiene products, shoes were also provided for the children who went barefoot, adding that one girl was given medical assistance.

The premises of the Red Cross in Negotin have been used as a refugee donations collection point since mid May, and in September the office established cooperation with the International Federation of the Red Cross and the Red Crescent Societies.

The refugees have been crossing the Bulgarian-Serbian border into the southeastern Serbia, near the towns of Dimitrovgrad and Bosilegrad, but the majority is entering Serbia from the south, crossing the border from Macedonia.



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