Shocking Report: Islam Will Rule The World in 25 years

If you’re wondering what all the Muslim migration will cause, you should watch this video.

This also answers why AP / SV welcome them. They believe immigration is the answer to Norway’s low birthrate. It will not be enough workers to feed pensioners, though we do not allow immigration. But what is the result ?.

In just 12 years, one of five Frenchmen will be Muslim and in only 39 years France will be an Islamic republic. The rest of Europe will follow suit.

In the Netherlands, 50% of newborns is Muslims. In just 15 years, half of the Netherlands will be Muslims.

In Russia there are 23 million Muslims, every fifth Russian. 40% of the army there will be Islamic in a few years.

Belgium – 25% are Muslims, 50% of all newborns is.

In just 17 years, every third newborn in Europe will be Muslim.

Germany has said that the country will be Muslim around 2050.

Gadaffi said: “There are signs that Allah will grant victory to Islam in Europe without swords, without guns, without conquest.

It appears that his vision/prediction will come true …

I believe that we must solve our problems without Muslim immigrants. Otherwise, our culture is lost a generation.

According to Statistics Norway (SSB) Norwegians will become a minority in Norway around 2050, and the proportion of Norwegians will be reduced to around 30% or lower in 2100.



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