Sick video of the beheading of two scandinavian women in Morocco circulating on social media

SICK uncensored pictures of the partially severed heads of two tourists murdered in the Moroccan mountains have been posted all over the Facebook page of one of their grieving mothers.

The mutilated bodies of university students Louisa Vesterager Jespersen, 24, of Denmark and 28-year-old Maren Ueland of Norway were found on Monday at an isolated campsite two hours’ walk from the tourist village of Imlil near Mount Toubkal.

The horror development comes after friends and family urged people not to watch a video being shared by ISIS fanatics showing the decapitation of one of the victims currently circulating online.

A graphic video purportedly showing Ms Jespersen’s throat being slit, which is too graphic to publish, is still being widely shared on numerous social media platforms despite pleas for the footage to be removed.

In the video, two male voices can be heard shouting at the women as one of the killers is seen sawing at Ms Jespersen’s neck with a large knife.

SICK: Snaps of the partially severed heads of two tourists murdered in Morocco are being shared (Pic: Facebook/DS)

One of the perpetrators declares: “This is a revenge for our brothers in Hajin” – referring to the small Syrian town that was an ISIS stronghold until it was liberated two weeks ago by Syrian Democratic Forces.

The Danish Security and Intelligence Service has issued a statement saying its specialists were still working to verify the footage.

Friends of Ms Jespersen’s family have been pleading with social media users not to watch the footage, which is still available online.

In a shocking development, the Facebook page of Ms Ueland’s mother Irene has been spammed with hundreds of horrible images of her daughter’s slit throat and Ms Jespersen’s severed head.

SHOCKING: Maren Ueland’s mum has been inundated with pics of the severed heads of her daughter (Pic: Facebook)

GRIM: The sick video purportedly shows the decapitation of Louisa Jespersen (Pic: Facebook)

Some appear to have been posted by local Moroccans in a bizarre attempt to express condolences, with the distressing images captioned with calls for the killers to be put to death.

A total of four men are now in custody over the grisly killing of the two hikers as Moroccan and Danish authorities probe a link to Islamic extremism.

UPDATE: 9 more arrested

Morocco’s Central Bureau of Judicial Intelligence (BCIJ) today released the names of three of the suspects, all of whom hail from “marginal neighbourhoods” around Marrakech.

Police have not released details of the fourth man arrested yesterday after police seized a cache of knives found on a bus in Marrakech.

CAUGHT: Cops have now arrested all four men after releasing pictures of the suspects (Pic: Police)

DISGRACE: Cops have arrested four men over the murder of two Scandinavian backpackers (Pic: Police)

REVEALED: The suspects are said to be between the ages of 25 and 33 (Pic: Police)