Slovenia Blames Croatia For Uncontrolled Immigration

MOSCOW – Croatia allows the uncontrolled flow of migrants into Slovenia, the Slovenian government said in a statement Tuesday, Sputnik reports.

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“The pressure of migrants entering from Croatia has been increasing, because Croatia is not announcing new arrivals of migrants, who are sent to the state border dispersed among different points of entry and without their numbers being monitored,” according to the statement.

Despite Ljubljana instituting a 2,500-person limit on daily arrivals, it has claimed that up to 8,000 migrants crossed into Slovenia from Croatia on Monday.

Slovenia appealed to fellow EU member states and institutions to take on the “unevenly distributed burden.”
“It is delusional to expect a country with a population of two million to stop, regulate and resolve what much bigger member states have failed to do,” it said.

The Slovenian government said it had approved amendments to its defense act, expanding the army’s role in the face of the migrant crisis that is plaguing Europe.




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