Sweden suspends border

Sweden suspends border

The government agreed with the opposition to impose temporary border controls in Sweden

It is the Moderate Party that has gotten approved the temporary border control which have been introduced in Germany and Austria, where refugee and migration crisis also has been used as an argument. Within the Schengen area, it is possible for countries to impose border controls for up to 30 days.

The political parties have also agreed to sharpen sufficiency requirements for family reunification.

The government, its supporting parties and the opposition have had two meetings to discuss the refugee crisis. The aim is to bring about a broad agreement on the new refugee policy as soon as possible.

According to SVT progress still negotiating, and it is dragging. One reason is that the bourgeois opposition, the Alliance does not agree with the criteria for a temporary residence permit.

This comes the day after that to reach the last meeting between all parties in parliament except the Sweden Democrats. There was progress during the meeting Tuesday, but the parties failed to agree and they must therefore meet again Thursday.



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