SWEDEN: Weapons cache found in asylum accommodation

It’s found an arsenal in a Swedish reception center in the small village Kaxås in the county of Krokoms. The weapons were hidden inside the boiler room. It was then the meter would read the discovery was made. It happened last week. Police and SAPO is active, but has not informed the media.

Areal photo of Kaxås, Sweden


It was when staff from a local energy company would enter and read the meters of the boiler it was detected. They could not get in because the door was locked. After having arranged with the master key, so the staff could get in and then got to see what had been hidden in there, probably by the asylum seekers.

It was not a question of a small hunting guns, but several real firearms according to respondents. They then called the local police who in turn contacted the security police. At the County Police Department in Östersund was not known to the task of arms cache when Avpixlat called and could not refer to someone. Weapons cache found in asylum accommodation.

SOURCE Avpixlat



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