Sylvi Listhaug – Norway’s new ‘Shieldmaiden’

Sylvi Listhaug

Norway’s Integration Minister, Sylvi Listhaug (FrP), proposes a stricter immigration policy and highlights Sweden as a terrible multicultural example, reports The Local.

Listhaug says in an interview with NTB that the key to a successful so-called integration of immigrants from the Third World is that immigration is limited.

She admits that Norway has problems such as immigrant ghettos and Muslims traveling to the Arab world to wage war with IS, but she stresses that the problems are much greater elsewhere.

– We should not bury our heads in the sand and say that everything is fine here. But fortunately we are far from the conditions that we see in some other countries, such as Sweden, says Sylvi Listhaug.

The Integration Minister will shortly put forward a number of legislative proposals in the Storting, which aims to reduce immigration. Among other things, she wants to make it difficult to get family reunification and she wants to give the Police Security Service (PST) greater abilities to check whether asylum seekers may pose security threats to Norway.

Listhaug has also previously been in rough political weather, as she has been heavily criticised by the opposition parties for her relentless and tough stance on immigration.

She became Integration Minister, which is a new minister post in Norway, in December last year, when she came from the post as Minister of Agriculture and Food (2013 – 2015), where she helped put forward the newly established ‘Animal Police’ for protection against animal abuse.

Listhaug is a teacher by education and profession, specialized in history, social science and special education.

She is also Norway’s new ‘Shieldmaiden’ and by many praised as Norway’s last hope.

Note: The article picture has been manipulated.



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